Forum for Safety Cardiff 2016

After the break, the Forum split into breakout areas for two different subject presentations that were reversed in the afternoon so that everyone had a chance to hear both.

One was given by Pinsent Masons LLP, Sean Elson (Partner) and Gareth McManus (Associate), who covered changes in recent legislation. They covered, for instance, those affecting Coroners courts and new sentencing guidelines giving many examples to help with understanding.

The other breakout session was given on behalf of Nant Ltd by Richard Deakin their General Manager and covered in depth the subject of water safety management and Legionella control methods.

After lunch Sue Sheath, Director of Regulation at Barchester Healthcare, shared her experience of applying a quality auditing system to a social care environment with many examples of the work her team carry out.

Then the last speaker of the day, Emmie Galilee, Head of Health & Social Care Services Unit HSE, gave examples of recent cases and explained the HSE investigative criteria to the new RIDDOR reporting and other priority areas for HSE involvement.

Chris Jackson, NASHiCS National Chair then closed proceedings before the Annual General Meeting took place for members at the end of the day.

11.Breakout Nant Ltd 12. Sue Sheath Barchester Healthcare 13. Sue Sheath 14. Delegates 15. Delegates 16 Delegates 16 Emmie Galilee HSE 17. Emmie Galilee HSE 20 Helen Stuart, Respect Training (NAVIGO) 19. Greg Pons EMP