Capital Event Belfast 2013


Jan Burns, Independent Chair, National Dignity Council.

followed with the next session and posed the question

Where does dignity start?

Delegates were told that 1st Feb is now National Dignity day.

The groups at each table in the room  were asked to define what is dignity?

Dignity is a basic human right., There are 45k signed up dignity champions but she encouraged delegates and their organisations to sign up if they hadn’t done so.

Jan explained each of the 10 dignity challenges.

Jan provided a number of practical and interactive sessions and the groups were asked to comment e.g  she spoke about residents in a Care Home painting garden gnomes,  Health and Safety officer banned them as they could be used a missiles!!!!

Spoke about sensible, proportionate and balanced risks.

See the person, see who they are, don’t make assumptions.

A well timed Lunch Break gave delegates ample opportunity to network and have an excellent good buffet lunch.


.Andy Hollingshead, Senior Health, Safety and Wellbeing Adviser, Adults and Communities, Leicestershire County Council and National Vice Chair of NASHiCS.
started the afternoon session with a very practical interactive session on the importance of how to find and choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor, checking, using  certification etc.

He then gave the groups a number of actual completed Fire Risk Assessments he had provided for them to comment and highlight the areas of concern. This session was very well received.


Kathy Fodey, Director of Regulation and Nursing, RQIA

Asked group what experiences the group had of RQIA – inconsistencies from inspectors was an issue a number of peopled raised.

Kathy opened with the importance of fire safety.

She then spoke about regulation and quality improvement and gave some detail of the structure of the RQIA and explained the inspection role, announced and un-announced inspections.

She emphasised the importance of Quality Improvement plans.

She stated that shortfalls are posted on their website, very helpful information.

She spoke about the types of reported events.

With finally identifying medication issues and the enforcement.

Kathy took many questions from the floor.