Care home fined £46k+ after woman dies in fire 2019.

The court heard Elder Healthcare was not to blame for the woman’s death in a sheltered flat connected to the care home in Douglas in November 2019. However, “shortcomings” were found in fire safety training and  procedures. Since its fire safety training has been updated.

An electrical fault caused a blaze at the woman’s home which connected to Elder Grange care home.

Smoke & heat detectors were linked to the nurse call centre at the home which is required to give emergency assistance to the residence in sheltered. Detector was switched off.
The hearing was told that a smoke detector had triggered the call system, but staff could not work out which flat the alarm related to due to problems with the documentation & contact lists. The lady died in hospital.
Elder Healthcare was fined £46,000 & to pay a further £4,000 in prosecution costs and  that the firm needed to be aware
“this must never happen again”.  Details